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root chakra balancing: How to balance your root chakra (muladhara chakra)

    Why your root chakra is imbalanced?

    Because your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are blocked, these two nerve system is called (IDA & PINGALA in Sanskrit). Until these two are purified your root chakra remains blocked.

    What is IDA & PINGALA?

    IDA:- This is a major physical channel, in English this is called mental energy, this is located left of your brain. This is also connected with the root chakra through the nerve system.

    PINGALA:- This is the channel of vital force, this is located right side of your brain, this is also connected with the root chakra through the nerve system.

    Why do psychological & physical problems occur when your root chakra is imbalanced & are these two problems related to each other?

    When your Ida & Pingala are not purified, your root chakra does not have access to flow its energy and when your root chakra is not open you face lots of psychological problems first then you face physical problems.

    Happened this way:- when you are facing psychological problems in your life then you have low energy mentally and physically, and you’re thinking negative things about yourself and about your life, then you feel separated from society, you feel there is no one who can help you, even god. Then you are helpless and can’t express your problem to anybody then after a couple of months these feelings can express themselves into somatic or physical problems.

    psychological Signs & Symptoms of Your Root Chakra Is Out of Balance

    Low-energized Root chakra:- If you have low energy then your root chakra is also low-energized, you will feel insecure in life about your future, Your self-beliefs also go down day by day, You might be a multibillionaire person but you are insecure in life.

    Negativity:- If you going to do anything in your life, you always feel negativity, even when you are doing it right then also you are thinking negative results about it, Or If you feel stuck in life, let’s say for the last five years there is no improvement in your life, your quality of life did not improve yet then this is a clear sign that your root chakra is imbalanced.

    Depression:- You have Depression about anything for long periods of time, it may be about your job, or it may be about your family, If you are a depressed person then this is a clear sign that your root chakra is imbalance.

    physical Signs & Symptoms of Root Chakra Is Out of Balance

    Constipation:- This is another factor, if you have constipation then this is the clear message that your root chakra is imbalanced. You may have a hectic daily schedule, did not able to eat at the same time every day or eat too many non-vegetarian foods or street foods, drink a lot of alcohol or you may smoke. That’s why you should follow the root chakra diet plan.

    Pain in the lower part of your body:- If you have pain in your legs and knees then your root chakra is Imbalance Because the lower part of your body is very weak and if you have some kind of abdominal pain or you have a hernia, hydrocele then this is the clear signal that your root chakra is Imbalanced.

    The energy of your body:- Some people always feel low energy in their body even when they wake up in the morning they feel their sleep is not completed at night, they will not want to do any work, and they will always feel that if I sleep a little more, then maybe it would be better, the body will always be a triad, then your root chakra is Imbalance.

    Nerve problem:- There are so many nerve problems but I want to mention just one problem and that is Essential tremor, If you have this problem then your root chakra is totally imbalanced or your root chakra is blocked, and it needs healing.

    How to balance your root chakra.

    How to balance your root chakra’s psychological problems

    First, you have to control your Psychological problem, for this, there are numerous ways you can do it but we will talk about the easiest way you can control your mind. This is called Ago chair mudra a special type of meditation, Himalayan yogis do this practice to control their mind and overcome their root chakra’s psychological problems.

    ago Chari mudra (the gesture of invisibility meditation)

    Sit in siddhasana, your spine should be straight, and your head facing forward, then relax your body completely and close your eyes for 5 to 6 min, Then open your eyes and focus on the tip of your nose, your breathing should be normal.

    When your gaze and focus of both your eyes are fixed on your nose-tip, you will see a double outline but after a few seconds, this line became a single line and it seems like a V shape then focus on the end part of V shape where two lines are merged with each other.

    What to do if you are unable to see a V shape?

    The position of your eyes is not perfect, in this case, Take one finger then focus your eyes on this fingertip, Place your fingers 1-2 inches in front of your eyes then focus on the fingertip, and hold your focus on your fingertip then slowly bring it to the nose tip.

    What to do when you feel discomfort?

    Release the position, relax for a couple of minutes, and close your eyes give them some rest then do it again, do this meditation for 5 rounds, within one or two weeks your eyes can able to handle this pressure, then you will be able to do it for 1 or 2 min but did not do it more than 5 min. Do this Meditation for 3 months.

    When you feel comfortable after one or two weeks then

    then, you should be aware of your breathing, feel that your breath goes in and out through the nose, and bring your awareness to that subtle sound that your breath is making, after one month you will find that you will be able to completely drown in this meditation.

    Why do we recommend this meditation or mudra:- Where ever you are right now, just try to do this meditation for a couple of minutes, then you can feel, when you are doing this meditation your mind will be able to concentrate on what you are doing, your mind became almost blank, there is no other thinking about life, money, problems e.t.c. This meditation can really help you to overcome your psychological problems.

    How to balance root chakra’s physical problems

    How to solve your digestive problem to balance your root chakra?

    First of all, you have to eat on time, in root chakra meditation ayurveda described, you have to take at least 4-5 hrs breaks in between your meal, and do fasting, wake up early in the morning start your day with fruits (one or two kinds of fruits) If your weather condition is hot then try to eat cucumber, mangos, Apricots, Plums, Papaya, Cantaloupe, Watermelon (try to eat mostly seasonal fruits), If you are in cold weather condition then eat- Apples, Grapes, kiwi, oranges, strawberries (seasonal fruits are preferred), eat boiled food as much as you can, foods like, Crushed wheat, barley, lentils especially in liquid form, eat lots of vegetables.

    Then around 2 p.m. eat, Khichdi, this dish is described as the best dish when you want to balance your root chakra, Add different kinds of vegetables and different kinds of cress to it and add different types of lentils to it. Do not use oil, rather use ghee, This is one of the best healthiest, and most nutritious dishes you can have. At 6.30 pm you should eat your next meal, remember do not eat anything after that, you can drink milk or water or fruit juice.

    Prohibited:- If you drink alcohol or you smoke then these things are strictly prohibited, Doe nor eat any kind of non-vegetarian food items, not even eggs.

    How to solve Constipation, Pain, low energy, and Nerve problems

    for this, there is only one solution and it is Hata yoga, This yoga exercise is the only way you can completely solve these problems, without medicine. It may take some time to solve these problems in your body (around 6 months), If you solve these problems through hata yoga then I can assure you that these problems are never come back in your body.

    Hata yoga:- This yoga is a little tough to describe in words so watch this video below and do it this way. Hatha yoga is actually different kinds of yoga combined together, Watch this video carefully.

    Which yoga you should do first- ago Chari mudra (the gesture of invisibility meditation) or Hatha yoga

    Wake up early in the morning at 4.30 am then start hatha yoga first, do it for 50 min daily, then relax your body for 10 min, let your breath come back to normal, then start the gesture of invisibility meditation.

    Why should you wake up early in the morning?

    According to Ayurveda 4.30 – 5.30 pm is called (the time of divine), this is the best time because there is low pollution in the air, there is no natural disturbance, and your stomach is empty but at the same time you do not feel any hunger.

    First, wake up then, If you lived in a hot weather condition like India then take a bath with cold water, or if you don’t want to bathe then wash your face with cold water.

    If you live in a cold weather scenario then wake up and wash your face with slightly warm water then start your hatha yoga.

    Where should you do these two Meditations?

    It is preferred that Try to get closer to nature but if you can’t then choose any place in your house (not in your bedroom), Your place should be clean and well-ventilated, choose a dry place. then start with hatha toga.