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how to heal root chakra naturally


    How to heal root chakra naturally?

    This is a 3 step process to heal your root chakra naturally, taking a proper root chakra diet, doing Trataka mudra, and doing Anuloma viloma meditation (alternate nostril breathing), with a combination of these three things, you can heal your root chakra naturally.

    Does this healing process work when your root chakra is blocked?

    No, First of all, you have to know if your root chakra is blocked or not, If you find out that your root chakra is blocked then you have to unblock your root chakra first then you can start these meditations.

    What should be your diet plan?

    At least take 4 hrs of a break from one meal to another, and drink 4 litter of water daily, please take care that you drink water after one hour of taking your meal, and try to eat as much boiled food as possible, Do not eat any kind of non-vegetarian foods, any kind of alcohol, do not smoke.

    breakfast:- Complete your breakfast before 8.30 am, after one hrs of your breakfast you should drink water because if you drink water immediately then it creates problems in digestion,

    In your breakfast, you should eat shocked nuts (around 30 grams) and 3 to 4 bananas (if you do not want to eat shocked nuts then you can eat any kind of seasonal fruits)And you can drink milk (around 250 ml)

    Lunch:- at lunch, you should eat khichdi, which is one of the best carbohydrate food that you can eat, add any kind of seasonal vegetables, you can add spices in it, please use ghee instead of oil. (If you don’t want to eat khichidi then you can eat Crushed wheat, barley, rice, wheat, maize, and potato, particularly when they are in a liquid form)

    Khichidi (do not eat any non-vegetarian food with this) you can eat khichidi as much as you want.Water

    Dinner:- You should complete your dinner around 5.30 to 6.30 pm, after that you can’t take any meal, you can drink water, if you feel hungry at night then you can drink warm milk or fruit juice.

    Four homemade Roti (bread)Moong Dal (Indian dish)

    when & where should you do these two meditations?

    Anuloma viloma meditation (alternate nostril breathing):- you should do this meditation early in the morning, 4.30 to 5.30 am is the best time to do this meditation.

    wake up early in the morning then wash your face (if the weather condition is hot then you can take a bath with cold water), then chose a dry and clean place to do this meditation. Do not do this meditation on your bed, try to do this meditation in an open place where you can get fresh air.

    Trataka Mudra:- Do this meditation around 8.30 to 9.30 pm, take care that your stomach should be empty.

    Chose a dry and clean place, you can do this meditation in your room, the room should be dark and your windows should be closed, do not turn on your AC or fan.

    want to see the true power of tratak mudra then check this video below.

    this is a Hindi language video, you may not understand the language but you can see the power of tratak mudra. this is truly a very power full meditation.

    Step-by-step process:- alternate nostril breathing meditation to heal your root chakra naturally.

    • Sit in a comfortable position, make sure your body relaxes and your spine should be straight, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths, but slowly
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Place your left hand on your left knee, then make gyan mudra.
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Place your right hand on your right knee, then make Nasagrah mudra.
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • with your right-hand thumb and close your right nostril
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Then breathe in through your left nostril and count from 1 to 6 (for beginners)
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Then block your two nostrils with your thumb and ring finger (hold the air and count from 1 to 10)
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • then release the air with your right nostril and (count from 1 to 6), then again take a breath from your right nostril – count 1-6 then hold it and count 1 to 10 then release it with left nostril again count 1-6 (this is one circle)

    Do not open your mouth when you are counting, count mentally,

    Do this meditation for 20 rounds daily.

    Step-by-step process:- trarak Mudra or meditation to heal your root chakra naturally?

    • Step 1- Chose a dark, quiet, and clean room, close all the windows and doors then Then take the candle and set it in front of you and light the candle. ( the distance between you and the candle should be 2 feet). Then look at the flame and ensure that the flame is not moving because of any air if it’s happening then stop the flow of air (basically the flame should be motionless). place a blanket or yoga mat on the floor.
    • Step 2- sit in a Siddha asana, For women:- sit in a Siddha yoni asana, your back should be straight, Your head will be straight and your eyes will look at straight angles, take a deep breath and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, then release it very slowly (do this three times). then open your eyes.
    • Step 3- adjust your body, because you can’t be able to move your body when you start doing this mudra. Your body should be motionless throughout this period.
    • Step 4- Now look at the candle stick and fixed your gaze on the flame, (you should focus on just above the tip of the wick)

    but do not blink your eyes or don’t even try to move your eyeballs, your gaze should be fixed at the tip of the wick

    • Step 5- After doing this for 2 to 3 min, your eyes start watering, then close your eyes.


    do not move your body or your eyeballs, after 2-3 seconds you can see the afterimage of the flame of this candle, and Likewise, fix your gaze on this afterimage.

    Step 6:- when you just feel this lite start fading away, just open your eyes and start the same process do this for 6 rounds every day.