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root chakra and money: what is the relation between them?

    root chakra and money issues

    Why money problems occurred?

    You have to understand that when our root chakra is blocked or the root chakra is imbalanced it is not able to spear the positive energy then money problems can occur in your life. As this chakra is associated with our origin this chakra controls our fortune. When this chakra is blocked face lots of problems like health issues, family issues, and fear of failure but most importantly If your root chakra is blocked, it blocks the flow of money into your hands.


    all these problems are somehow connected to money- if you have a health problem then you need money, when you have the money you do not think about the fear of failure. At the end of the day, money can solve lots of problems.

    Here are some of the examples that root chakra blocked the flow of money into your life

    • Overspending:- This is one of the signs that your root chakra is blocked, you may earn sufficient money but not be able to hold your money, or you are overspending your money for no reason or you want to hold money But you can’t because of your situation.
    • Debt or loan:- You may have taken a loan for a reason, but you want to return the loan because of your financial condition you can’t able to return the loan. This is another sign that your root chakra is blocked.
    • You are not getting money:- Sometimes we don’t get paid as much as we work Or one of your friends or relatives has taken money from you but they don’t want to pay it back. These things happened because root chakra was not able to spear the flow of positive energy, it was blocking the flow of money into your life.
    • Suddenly you lost money:- suddenly you lost money, it could be any reason, it might be the stock market or money was stolen from you this is also a sign that money doesn’t stay in your hand because your root chakra is blocked.

    The question is what can you do? how can you flow the root chakra positive energy into your life?

    If your root chakra is blocked and you want to reflow the positive energy into your life then you can do certain meditation to unblock your root chakra.

    If you do this meditation for at least 3 – 5 months then you can see the changes in your life, and all the positive things start coming towards you. You may not become a billionaire but you will be released from all these unnecessary pain from your life. This meditation is called the coming and going breath (in Sanskrit word Anuloma viloma pranayama).

    How to do, the coming and going breathing (Anuloma viloma pranayama) meditation?

    • first of all, take a yoga mat and Lay the Mat on the floor, (do not sit on any chair or sofa) you must have to sit on the ground or floor. (The floor where you sit, should be level)
    • Sit in padma asana, your spine should be straight, and make sure you are facing east or north direction.
    • put your left hand on the knee then took your right hand and make (nasagra mudra) bend your index and middle finger, ring finger and thumb finger will be used to block your nostril, use your small finger for support or you can bend it. (if you don’t understand then We recommend you watch the video below)
    • Then you can close your right nostril with your thumb and the left nostril will be controlled with your ring finger. (do not use your left hand)
    • with your thumb close your right nostril and inhale as much air as possible, then close your two nostrils with your thumb and ring finger, hold the air as much time as you can then remove your thumb from your right nostril and breath out. Then again breathe in from your right nostril and block it with your thumb and ring finger, hold the breath, and release it from your left nostril. (do it 10 times)
    Where & when should you do this meditation?

    Early in the morning around 4.30 am to 5.30 am is the best time to do this meditation, other than that you can do this before going to bed. Choose a dry clean place, the temperature of this room should be normal.

    Make sure that the ventilation of this room should be normal so open your windows. If the weather is hot then use any kind of Air conditioner but keep the room temperature normal, if this is winter time then you can use a room heater. (if you are using the air conditioner for summer or the room heater for winter then you can close your window)

    Should you do this meditation after eating or before eating?

    It is strictly preferred that you do this meditation before you eat anything, that’s why it says to do this meditation in the morning this is the best time to do this meditation. (if you can’t able to do this meditation in the morning then you can do it at night but your stomach should be empty) This is why we recommended you follow the root chakra diet plan.

    In how many days or months you will be able to completely remove your root chakra blockages?

    It will take some time, basically within 4 to 6 months you will start seeing amazing results in your life. But you have to keep doing this meditation. this is the only way you can able to clean your root chakra blockages.