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root chakra and sexuality: what is the relation between them?

    root chakra and sexuality: what is the relation between them?

    what is the relation between the root chakra and sexuality?

    There are two kinds of relation, one is physical relation and another one is psychological relation.

    Physically:- the root chakra is associated with our sexual organs, for the men root chakra is located between the scrotum and the anus, and for females, the root chakra is located at the starting point of the uterus or at the side of the cervix.

    Psychologically:- In our life, we are controlled by three things, hunger, sleep, and sex. you can control your hunger or sleep, but most people can’t control their sex life rather this sexual thinking runs their life.

    As a result of this, they can’t able to extract the true power of root chakra and their lives became imbalanced, this imbalance is called blocked root chakra and their root chakra needs healing.

    Basically, this is the relationship between the root chakra and sexuality.

    should you try to stop this by not thinking about it?

    Basically, you can’t able to stop yourself and this is not the solution because you may be able to stop it for one or two days but in the long run this is not in your hand. Unless your root chakra is purified and it starts opening you can’t able to stop it.

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    Is the sexual relationship a sin for root chakra?

    No, in tantra sexuality has threefolds, these three folds depend on one’s mind. some people do it just because that’s where their mind is at, Some other people do it just because they get pleasure from it and those who start waking their kundalini power they do it because they only want to open the path of Samadhi.

    what is samadhi

    and these people don’t care about procreation or the fulfillment of passion, they only want that experience and sublimation. Through this sublimation, they open their higher centers or samadhi.

    Does it mean you have to stop doing sex?

    No, yoga or kundalini or waking root chakra does not say you to stop doing sex, root chakra might be related to your sexual life but it does not mean you have to stop it rather use these things as a weapon to transform its purpose and meaning.

    Not doing it is not a good thing for you and your partner in the same way if sex or sexual thinking is running your life then this is also not a thing and it also does not mean that you have to change your partner every day or you have to think about it every time.

    Can you open your root chakra through sex?

    Yes, Only a woman can do it but her partner should be a yogi, Her partner’s root chakra needs to be fully open and her partner should be a master of doing kriya yoga, especially vajroli mudra (Vajroli mudra is a part of hatha yoga)

    So what is the true solution?

    The solution is you have to open your root chakra, this is the only solution. It works like this– when you do some kriyas or yoga or meditation to open your root chakra, after doing it for two months your mind became calm, anxiety free and these sexual-psychological problems automatically fade away, you don’t have to do anything else.