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Root chakra blocked: symptoms, Sings, unblocking, clearing, Meditation, Yoga

    root chakra

    What are the signs and symptoms that your root chakra is blocked?

    There are two kinds of signs that you can find one is physical and another one is emotional or mental Problems. it is difficult to understand whether your root chakra is blocked or not.

    Physical signs and symptoms to know if your root chakra is blocked or not

    Digestive Problems:- If you have digestive problems like- acidity, gas, or anything you eat, your belly becomes acidic and you have constipation or loose bowels, it may not happen every day but most of the time you have these two problems happen to you then this is a sign that your root chakra is blocked.

    Problems In the abdomen area or lower part of your body:- This is one of the clear messages that your body can give to you. If you have problems like- Hydrocil, Harneia, If you have kidney problems, If you have any kind of problem or pain in your spinal cord or pain in the lower part like in your knees or in your angle, or in your foot then your root chakra is blocked.

    The energy of your body:- If you always feel your energy is low, even when you wake up in the morning, you feel that your slip is not completed and you feel a little lazy or after waking up in the morning you always yawn then this is a sing or symptoms that your root chakra is blocked.

    psychological/mental/emotional blockage for root chakra (The most important sign) to understand if root chakra is blocked or not

    Intense insecurity:- It could be about anything, you feel insecure about in your life, for example, if you have a job then you might think – How long will I be able to do this job? If I get fired, then what I will do in my life or you don’t like the job you are doing? You always feel insecure in your life AND at the same time, you will feel there is no one who can help me with this situation, AND You will stop believing in God, This is one of the clear signs that your root chakra is completely blocked. (you have to believe that insecurity is a state of consciousness this is not physically related)

    The feeling of separation:- You will notice some people who are usually always quiet, did not like to be crowded, and sometimes don’t want to talk to anyone not even with his/her family members or friends, in a word, they want to stay away from society if you have this kind of thinking or feeling, then you have to understand that your root chakra is blocked.

    Depression:- Depression is related to insecurity, separation, and energy, If you have low energy then your root chakra is low energized and that means low vitality and low vitality means insecurity, separation, and fear of failure so if you are a distressed person then your root chakra is completely blocked.

    What is the reason for Physical & psychological blockages?

    First of all, there are all related to each other, you feel insecure and depressed and separated, and at the same time you can’t express your feeling to someone, You are at war with yourself inside your mind And these feelings are coming out in somatic problems.

    What happened when your root chakra is blocked?

    If someone’s root chakra is blocked then he suffers a lot in his/her life, it feels like There is no improvement in life, Life is going on as it was five years ago. Whatever he does in his/her life he feels like he is stuck in life. There is no one who can help him or her, not even god, and he/she stops believing in god, because of this they will become depressed, The feeling of separation will come to their mind, and insecurity and fear of failure always play in their mind. Most importantly they do not share these things with anyone so as we told you earlier these feelings are coming out in somatic problems.

    How to overcome all blockages in root chakra?

    Solution for digestive problems

    Improve your diet, and become a Vegetarian, this clearly mentions in Ayurveda that if you want to unblock your root chakra then you have to become a vegetarian, You should take four to five hours apart from one meal to another. Fasting is a big factor in this unblocking process. Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited. Drink lots of water and seasonal fruit.

    What kind of food is recommended for root chakra unblocking?

    Eat boiled food as much as possible like- boiled white, barley, and lentils. One dish is recommended and that is Khichdi is the best option that you should eat one time, daily, especially When eating the first meal of the day, this is one of the healthy dishes that you can eat, do not use lots of oil in it rather use Ghee, use seasonal vegetables in this dish but do not use any kind of non-vegetarian think like meat, egg or anything relates to non-vegetarian.

    Solution for Problems In the abdomen area or lower part of your body

    If you want to Unblock or clear your blockage in root chakra then Your lower body should be strong. You should do Hatha yoga. Before you start waking up your root chakra you have to prepare your body and mental strength this Hata goya help’s you. This Hatha yoga can improve your body’s strength and also increases your mental strength.

    How to do hatha yoga? here is the video this will help you

    Solution for psychological/mental/emotional blockage in the root chakra

    For this, meditation is the key to success, meditation is the only thing that can help you to overcome this situation because as we earlier said that (insecurity is a state of consciousness this is not physically related). For meditation do Anuloma viloma pranayama (the coming and going breath) This pranayam can help you increase your mental strength.

    How to do Anuloma viloma pranayama (the coming and going breath)

    To meditate effectively, it’s important to find a comfortable position that keeps your spine straight and your body relaxed. You should strive to remain still and motionless throughout your practice. Once you’re comfortable, begin to focus on your breath as it flows through your nostrils. With each inhale, allow your full attention to follow the breath’s journey, from the tip of your nose all the way up to the center of your forehead. As you exhale, let your awareness follow the breath in reverse, from your brow down to the tip of your nose. This rhythmic focus on your breathing can help calm your mind and deepen your meditation experience.

    Acquire comprehension of the triangular configuration generated by the air current that passes through the passageways of your nostrils and reaches the middle of your brows. The foundation of this triangle lies on the level of your upper lip, with the left and right nasal channels shaping its sides, and the highest point located within the midpoint of your brows. Initiate by concentrating on the inhaling and exhaling process through your left nostril, then alter your focus to the right one. Lastly, bring awareness to the breath coursing in and out of both nostrils simultaneously.

    Once you’ve developed awareness of your breathing, you can intentionally manipulate the airflow in your nostrils using mental techniques. Start by inhaling through your left nostril, then exhaling through your right nostril. Afterwards, breathe in through your right nostril and breathe out through your left nostril. Perform this sequence four times before inhaling and exhaling through both nostrils in unison, visualizing the air moving through your nose in a V-shape. Continue this pattern, finishing four rounds of alternating nostril breathing before completing one round of breathing through both nostrils. Keep track of your rounds by counting backward from 100 to zero.

    For a better understanding watch this video