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Root chakra candles: benefit, how to make, color

    Root chakra candles

    What is the root chakra candle?

    Root chakra candles are not regular candles, these root chakra candles have some organic essential oils sandalwood essential oil, red rose essential oil, and patchouli essential oil, root chakra candles are mostly in red color, and these candles help you to balance or open your root chakra.

    original root chakra candles are very rare in the market, If you make them on your own then you can use them. There are root chakra candles available in the market but they are not pure, to make root chakra candles you need to put in some original essential oil, marketers do add synthetic oil in it, and that’s why they do not work.

    How to make a root chakra candle?


    • Natural Soya wax (2lb)
    • Wicks for candle
    • if you wish you can use Red or burgundy candle dye (optional)
    • Essential oils (Mysore original sandalwood essential oil, red rose essential oil, patchouli essential oil, 5ml each)
    • Candle mold (traditional)
    • A pan
    • spoon


    1. melt the wax in a pan over low heat (do not try to overheat the wax, otherwise it can burn the wax) until it melts completely.
    2. once the wax melts completely, remove it from the heat and add your essential oil (5 ml sandal wood+ 5ml pink rose essential oil + 5 ml patchouli essential oil) if you want then add some red candle dye then take a spoon and mix the wax with essential oil.
    3. Take a candle mold and put the candle wick first then carefully pour the warm wax into it.
    4. once it is done let it cool down for one to two hrs or you can put it into your refrigerator for 40 min, then once it cold remove it from the candle mold and then you can use it.

    what is the benefit of a root chakra candle?

    1. Clean the atmosphere:- When you burn a root chakra candle it cleans the atmosphere and it’s cleaned out the negative energies from that particular room it even capable of removing dark and divine energies.
    2. It helps root chakra to vibrate:- Root chakra is also connected with our sense of smell. When these natural smells enter into us then root chakra starts vibrating naturally and when root chakra vibrates it starts to flow positive energy to your body.
    3. It can unblock the root chakra:- when you are doing root chakra meditation or yoga burn 0root chakra candles, this combination of yoga and organic essential oils works best. This combination can unblock your root chakra within 3 to 4 months.
    4. Clarify your mind and prompt relaxation: Suppose you are suffering from anxiety or desperation, this combination of essential oil’s perfume has the capability to come down your mind.

    What candle scent is good root chakra?

    Sandalwood essential oil:- sandalwood, the essential oil has the ability to heal your root chakra, and this oil scent prompts positivity, which is very important for the root chakra, after you smell sandalwood your mind became more clear and it gives you relaxation.

    Red rose essential oil:- This flower is the flower of the root chakra so you can imagine how much it helps you to open your root chakra. only this flower’s essential oil is capable to open your root chakra. This red color is also connected with the root chakra because the root chakra’s color is red.

    patchouli essential oil:- Organic patchouli scent has healing properties, this healing power of patchouli is help you to balance your root chakra. If your root chakra is imbalanced this scent helps you to balance your root chakra.

    What color is the root chakra candle?

    The root chakra candles are red in color because the root chakra color is red and red is associated with the root chakra that’s why a root chakra candle should be in red color.

    What incense is good for root chakra?

    This is the cheapest and most powerful tool to balance or open your root chakra, this also works like a root chakra candle. But the problem is this incense should be organic. There are a couple of unique incense that can help you.

    Sandalwood incense:- As we told you earlier sandalwood is very good for your root chakra, and it can balance or open your root chakra.

    Jasmine incense:- Mostly used in spiritual practices, Indian spiritualists use this jasmine incense to burn, and this really helps when it comes to opening your root chakra.

    Kasturi incense (musk):- Kasturi is one of the biggest incense in the spiritual world, even root chakra gurus use Kasturi to open their root chakra, this incense is a very powerful tool not only it opens your root chakra but this incense also has some magical powers. (but the problem is organic kasturi is only found in musk deer, not only that musk dear is only available in the Himalayan mountains), so all musk incense is synthetic they are not organic.

    From where should you buy all this incense? (excluding musk or Kasturi)

    There is only one website where you can find all the organic incense, Cauvery Emporium, this is an Indian government website that directly sells organic incense products (especially sandalwood).

    Which is the best root chakra candle?

    Your own handmade candle is the best root chakra candle because all the marketers provide these candles with synthetic essential oil, which does not work rather it is harmful to your health so make it your own and add some organic essential oil to it.