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Root chakra healing: meditation, symptoms, naturally, foods, diet, yoga, herbs (Muladhara chakra)

    Root chakea

    we will talk about root chakra healing:- meditation for the root chakra, symptoms that your root chakra is opening naturally, What kind of food you should eat, and what type of yoga you should do? Herbs for the root chakra opening. People also call this root chakra as- lower chakra, Muladhara chakra, red chakra, base chakra, first chakra, 1st chakra, grounding chakra, fear chakra meditation

    For men Root chakra,(Muladhara chakra), healing: Siddhasana meditation (naturally)

    first, watch this video:- how to do siddhasana

    After sitting in this siddhasana position then do this (read this properly)

    Sit in a siddhasana meditation posture, first close your eyes for a few minutes, usually 1 to 2 min, then relax your body completely, then move your awareness to the heel and perineum (as you can see in this video this man touched his left heel with his perineum, you also do this and feel your perineum with your heel, what is perineum- in between your testes and anus this blank part or muscles of your body is called the perineum) put little pressure in this part with your heel at the same time pull your perineum muscles upwards through physically like the way you close your anus for holding your poop sometimes (try it now you can do this easily). After that, take a deep breath but slowly, hold your breath as much time as possible, and then release it very slowly.

    An alternative to this Siddhasana meditation for men (the easy way)

    Sit in a comfortable position then put your ring finger into your perineum, give gentle pressure with your finger, and your spine should be started and your eye should be closed, then take a deep breath and hold it at the same time Keep pressing your perineum, hold your breath as much time as possible, then when you feel you can’t hold your breath any some then release it very slowly. (use this method 5 times in a day)

    For women Root chakra (Muladhara chakra) healing: Siddha yoni asana meditation (naturally)

    first, watch this video:- Siddha yoni asana

    After sitting in this Siddha yoni asana position then do this (read this properly)

    after sitting in Siddha yoni asana, your spine should be straight then close your eyes and relax your body, (assume this is a woman who is doing siddha yoni asana in this video) now, take your right leg and put it lower part of your vagina, (end of your vagina) and give gentle pressure on this point with your heel, adjust your self, move backward and forwards so that your heel can give pressure at the exact point, (this point is started from the end of your vagina and your anus in between this place is called the perineum), now take a deep but slow breath and hold it as much time as possible, then release it very slowly, continue this process for 10 deep but slow breaths, (do not try more than 10)

    Alter native way of Siddha yoni asana for women

    sit in a comfortable position or you can lie on anything (prefers position is setting), take the middle finger of your right hand and insert it in your vagina, put it as far as it goes, then tighten your vaginal mussels, then touch your upper vaginal muscle with your finger and Push upward with your finger.

    Through this way a man or a woman can heal his/her root chakra or you can open your root chakra very easily, but before you start this meditation, you should take care of other things like, what to eat, is your body is well prepared to take this root chakra energy, what to wear, when is that time & best place to do this meditation.

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    herbs that heal or open your root chakra (Muladhara chakra) but (dangerous)

    There is one herb called (aushadhi) that can heal or open your root chakra very easily, but this is very very dangerous also, very few people know about this herb, you should not take this kind of herb because this herb opens your root chakra within few weeks, but when your root chakra opens it produces huge energy in your body and you can’t handle it so it is advised in Ayurved that you should not take this kind of herb for your root chakra. If you want to take then chose a guru or a master of root chakra who opens his root chakra through this herb.

    What kind of diet & foods you should take to heal/open your root chakra?

    First of all, you have to become a vegetarian, and eat boiled foods as much as possible- Crushed wheat, barley, lentils especially in liquid form, do not add any spices in it, you can add a small amount of salt, you can add any kind of vegetables, but do not add any non-vegetarian items like eggs or meat. You can eat fruits but do not drink any fruit juices from the market if you want fruit juice then make your own. You can drink milk.

    You can eat three times a day, once around 9 am, then at 2 pm, then before sunset around 6.00 pm after that you should not eat anything, you can drink water or milk at night.

    prohibited:- Before you start your diet for the root chakra, Please do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, or any other intoxicating substance.

    When should you do this yoga + meditation, clothing, place

    The early morning, 4.30 am -5.30 am is the best time to do this yoga, Just before the sun-rise, this is the time called Brahma muhurta- (the time of divine), according to the yoga culture this is the time when there is no disturbance and the energy of your body, as well as your spiritual energy, is also high.

    Can you just wake up and start doing this meditation:- No, first you should do some hatha yoga practice, for 30 to 40 minutes or 8 to 10 rounds of hatha yoga, then relax for a couple of minutes (10 to 15 min) let your breathing comes in to normal then start this meditation.

    Here is the video of hatha yoga:-

    What kind of cloth you should ware

    This depends on the weather condition but wears loose, and comfortable clothes, do not wear any kind of tight clothing.

    Where should you practice every day?

    Try to practice in one place, do not change the place every day, because where you practice every day a positive atmosphere will gradually build up, and this helps you to heal or open your root chakra. This place should be clean and dry, and at the same, it should be peaceful (this is why yoga teachers or Sadhus are chosen the Himalayas as a place to live), the temperature of this room should be normal neither too hot nor cold. do not practice on the floor use a mat, Do not use any room heather or fan, or air conditioner in summer, (if it absolutely necessary then use these kinds of things)

    Should you do it regularly?

    Yes, you should do this meditation regularly, There is some day you may feel your body say no and your mind is also supporting your body, then also you have to do this yoga + meditation for at least 6 months each and every day.

    If the mind flits here and there then what to do

    This happens with everyone who started this kind of meditation, your mind will be jumping around, and different thoughts will run through your mind, this is absolutely normal do not try to suppress it, and keep doing what you are doing, after 3 month’s of this meditation your mind will be gradually at one point.

    symptoms that your root chakra(Mooladhara/Muladhara chakra) is starting healing/opening

    • Feels like an electric shock:- After a couple of months (around 6 months) of this meditation, if you doing it correctly then you can feel from the bottom of your spinal cord energy is releasing and it feels like an electric shock, your whole body starts shaking and you can’t control this shakiness of your body. After a few minutes, it will stop automatically.
    • Music & feelings:- When you meditate deeply in this method, you can hear bird sounds, drums, flutes, bells, or peacocks singing or you may have the feeling of you are seating in the middle of a monsoon shower (these are all your unconscious imaginations)
    • Fear:- Sometime you can’t abt to sleep at night because of fear of the unknown, You may be can’t understand why are you so scared, but it is there.
    • Hunger:- If your kundalini wakes sometime you eat a lot, sometimes you don’t have any hunger you just sit in one place for the whole day.
    • Especially for women:- When your root chakra is waked, you may feel Labour pain because this is similar to giving birth, you are giving birth to spiritual consciousness.
    • unpleasant odors:- Because your root chakra is connected to the lower part of your body when it starts healing or starts opening you can smell bad order.
    • Headaches:- Sometimes you feel headaches, especially for those who are not married and never experience any kind of sexual interaction, those people feel headaches.