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root chakra healing stones: which stone can completely heal your root chakra?

    root chakra healing stone

    Which stone can heal your root chakra completely?

    Why a natural ruby is better than crystals for root chakra healing?

    • First, you must understand the difference between a gemstone and a crystal, so gemstones are made from natural elements like rare, precious, or semi-precious minerals. Most importantly, a gemstone can be a crystal but a crystal can’t be a gemstone.
    • A gemstone is made of the earth’s crust under intense heat and pressure over millions of years, on the other hand, crystal forms through volcanic activity, precipitation, and evaporation. A gemstone has to pass through the natural heat of the earth so the earth nurtures it and creates it, that’s why it is more capable to heal your root chakra.
    • A natural ruby has a deep red color, this color is also associated with the root chakra, most importantly A natural ruby stone is associated with Mars, and the root chakras planet is Mars so they are directly associated with each other. there are only three colors of crystals white, pink, purple, and brown so cristal works for root chakra but if you compare it with a ruby then a crystal is less powerful.
    • A crystal has a border healing power, it improves your overall health but a ruby stone especially focuses on the root chakra, meaning it can heal your root chakra in a couple of months.

    How does a ruby stone works to heal or open your root chakra?

    • Higher vibration:- Ruby has its own power or energy and this energy is directly associated with the root chakra when you ware a natural ruby its energy directly simulates the root chakra, and this energy has a brilliant healing power that’s why it can heal your root chakra.
    • Fear of failure:- If you are fearful in your life, then your root chakra needs healing. A natural ruby has the capacity to completely kill the fear of failure in your life.
    • Physical health:- If you always feel weak or your energy is low all the time then, your root chakra is blocked and it needs healing. A natural ruby stone simulates your root chakra and through this ruby energy your root chakra starts healing, when your root chakra starts healing then naturally you become more healthy in life.
    • Stuck in life:- Sometimes people do feel they are stuck in their life, which means whatever you are doing in your life your earning did not grow or you can not increase your quality of life. That means your root chakra needs healing so only a ruby stone can help you to heal your root chakra and to overcome this situation.

    A ruby stone’s red color and magical power have the ability to directly put an effect on your root chakra, it has the ability to heal and balance your root chakra, and it is an ideal gemstone for promoting feelings of safety, security, and stability. If you struggle with anxiety, stress, or feeling of fear a ruby stone is the answer for all the problems in your root chakra.

    What kind of ruby stone should you use to heal your root chakra?

    The ruby stone must be natural, it should not be lab-created. The ruby stone should be deep red color, there should not be any crack inside the stone. Indias or Burma ruby is the best ruby that you can wear to heal your root chakra. The redder it is, the more effective it is.

    How much carat should you use to heal your root chakra?

    15 – 20 yr1 carat
    21-25 yr1.25- 2 carats
    26-30 yrin Between 1.60 – 2.00 carats
    31-35 yrin Between 1.60 – 2.00 carats
    36-40 yrin Between 2.00 – 2.50 carats
    41-45 yrin Between 2.50 -2.70 carats
    45-50 yrin Between 2.90 – 4.50 carats
    51-55 yrin Between 4.50 – 5.50 carats
    56 & abovein Between 5.50 – 6.30 carats

    what is the rule for wearing a ruby stone?

    there is only one rule, the stone must be touched with your skin, and only then, Ruby’s power is able to simulate the root chakra.

    How to use root chakra stone to heal your root chakra?

    The most effective way to use root chakra stone

    when you are doing root chakra healing meditation, hold the ruby stone in your right hand. this combination of meditation and ruby works like magick, you can heal and open your root chakra in a couple of months.


    you can directly put a ruby stone on your root chakra location and do yoga nidra meditation, this is the easiest and most effective way to use a root chakra stone for root chakra healing.

    Some other ways you can use a root chakra stone

    for men:-
    • Pendant- you can wear a root chakra stone as a pendant on a chain, This way the stone will stick to your skin, and it’s continuously able to flow its power to the root chakra.
    • As a ring (highly recommended)- wear this stone on your index finger, this way the ring allows the ruby to be in connection with your skin, and it’s able to continuously flow the energy to the root chakra.
    for women:-
    • As a bracelet:- you can wear a root chakra stone as a bracelet, wear it on your nondominated hand. This way allows the stone to stay with your skin.
    • As a ring- (preferred way) women can use it as a ring, this way allows the stone to connect with your skin and it can able to flow the energy to the root chakra.

    Can this ruby stone lose its own energy or power?

    yes, it can happen. after you buy a ruby stone or after using it for six months, you can recharge it.

    Keep the ruby stone in running water for 10 to 15 min, (mountain water is best but does not use any salted water) this will wash away if there is any negative energy.


    you have to recharge it, Expose the stone to the morning sun for two to three hours then again keep the stone in the moonlight for a whole night. this way you can able to recharge the stone.

    which day and how should you wear this stone?

    Saturday, you should wear this stone. Before you wear this stone, take a bath then wear a new or clean dress, go to the church or if you are from any other religion then pray to your god first then in front of him wear the stone.

    What kind of meat should you use to wear with this ruby stone?

    If you can afford hen use gold (recommended) but if your financial condition is bad then you can use copper to wear with this stone. Gold and copper have healing properties, the combination of ruby and gold or copper works well in your body.

    Where you can find the best natural Indian or Burmas ruby stone?

    There is only one option, they source their ruby directly from India or Burma, their stone is not lab created and they provide you with a cheaper price. go to the Jamesallen website.