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root chakra mudra: how to open root chakra through mudra

    root chakra mudra

    If you want to open your root chakra through mudra then there are two mudras that you should do, Shambhavi mudra and another one is Trataka mudra. You have to do both the mudras only then your root chakra will open but this is a long-term process.

    How to do Shambhavi mudra (center of eyebrows gazing)

    Stage 1:-

    For men:- sit in a Siddha asana, For women:- sit in a Siddha yoni asana. your back should be straight and your hand should be on your knees, and your head should be straight then look forward and Keep your eyes on one place or on one object (in this position take a deep breath and hold it for 5-10 seconds then release it very slowly do this three-time)

    Then, without moving your head, Lift up your eyeballs as much as possible, now try to focus between your eyebrows (for people who try this for the first time it may be tough for them but try it, after one weak it will become easy for you) then softly but with clear voice say AUM (it’s an incantation/Mantra). But remember you should not use your tongue when you are saying AUM. Pronounce it as it is coming out of your navel and not from your throat.

    If you are facing difficulty saying AUM then watch this video bellow

    Then, when you are chanting this Mantra, you can feel a certain vibration within you but don’t forget you have to continuously look in between your eyebrows. continue this process for three to five minutes.

    Stage 2:-

    close your eyes but remain your eyeballs in the same position (eyes are closed but you are still gazing in between your eyebrows). now gradually increase the time of your chanting AUM at the same time try to visualize that this chanting vibration vibrates the middle of the eyebrows. (do this for five minutes). When you feel you have to take a breath again then take it by the nose, not by your mouth.

    Caution:- If your eyes feel tired then release the position for a couple of minutes then start again your second round, do this 4 times a day.

    How to do Trataka mudra (Fixed gazing on one point)

    where & when should you do this mudra or meditation?

    You should do this mudra at night around 8.30 to 9.30 pm this is the best time to do this meditation, avoided doing it during the day otherwise this meditation does not work.

    Keep your stomach empty do not eat anything before doing this meditation. Chose a very keep and quiet room to do this meditation. make sure no one is around you and no one disturbing you. keep your phone shut down before this meditation even do not use your phone after doing this meditation. Just go to bed and sleep.

    What are the things you will need before doing this meditation?

    Before start doing this meditation you need a Machis, A thick candle. this is enough to do trataka mudra.

    Here is the step-by-step guide to doing Trataka Mudra

    • Step 1- Chose a dark, quiet, and clean room, close all the windows and doors then Then take the candle and set it in front of you and light the candle. ( the distance between you and the candle should be 2 feet). Then look at the flame and ensure that the flame is not moving because of any air if it’s happening then stop the flow of air (basically the flame should be motionless). place a blanket or yoga mat on the floor, then seat on it.
    • Step 2- sit in a Siddha asana, For women:- sit in a Siddha yoni asana, your back should be straight, Your head will be straight and your eyes will look at straight angles, take a deep breath and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, then release it very slowly (do this three times). then open your eyes.
    • Step 3- adjust your body (if you feel uncomfortable while doing Siddha asana or Siddha yoni asana) because you can’t be able to move your body when you start doing this mudra. Your body should be motionless throughout this period.
    • Step 4- Now look at the candle stick and fixed your gaze on the flame, (you should focus on just above the tip of the wick)

    but do not blink your eyes or don’t even try to move your eyeballs, your gaze should be fixed at the tip of the wick

    • Step 5- After doing this for 2 to 3 min, your eyes start watering, then close your eyes.


    do not move your body or your eyeballs, after 2-3 seconds you can see the afterimage of the flame of this candle, and Likewise, fix your gaze on this afterimage (this afterimage, is clearly visible to you)

    Step 6:- when you just feel this lite start fading away, just open your eyes and start the same process do this for 6 rounds every day.

    This mudra works like this– Assumed you are a little kid and suddenly you try to see the sun, after seeing it for 2 to 3 seconds you just closed your eyes, and after that, a bright light just comes up in front of your close eyes. this is a similar thing happening to you.