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root chakra symbol meaning and definition

    Root chakra symbol

    What is the root chakra symbol represent / meaning?

    Lotus flower:- root chakra traditionally represents a lotus flower with four deep red petals, vam, sham, sham, and sam, written on each petal, with a shiny golden color.

    Yellow round:- This yellow round is a symbol of the earth element, and the eight golden spears surround it, these spares represent 7 mountains in India,

    • Mahendra – Eastern Ghats
    • Malaya – Malaya Ranges
    • Sahya – Western Ghats
    • Suktiman – region north of Sahyadri
    • Riksha – Satpura Ranges
    • Vindya – Vindhya Ranges
    • Pariyatra – Aravali

    Seven-trunk elephant:- This elephant with seven trunks is represent great strength and solidity, The seven trunks of this elephant represent seven minerals, which are vital for the functioning of the human body. In the Sanskrit language, these seven minerals are called sapta-dhatu.

    • Rasa dhatu:- Plasma
    • Rakta dhatu:- blood
    • Mamsa dhatu:- Muscles
    • Meda dhatu:- Fat
    • Asthi dhatu:- bone
    • Majja dhatu:- Bone marrow
    • Shukra dhatu:- Semen

    Deep red inverted triangle:- The elephant has carried a deep red triangle on its back, This is the symbol of power or energy, inside this triangle there is a linga (a symbol representing Lord Shiva Hindu god) smokey gray in color, which is represents the astral body, this smokey color also represent the inner consciousness.

    The snake:- This is a cobra snake that is coiled three & half times around that linga, these three coils represent three qualities of nature in an individual, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The half coil represents the supernatural power that a man can achieve.

    Lam:- on the top of this triangle, lam is written this is the main mantra or incantation for the root chakra, when you are doing meditation for the root chakra use say lam mentally, this mantra will help you to open your root chakra.

    The dot or point:- The dot represents two Hindu gods, Ganesh, and the devi dakini (a woman), these two gods have four arms and deep red eyes, and devi dakini shines as a luster of many suns rising at the same time. She is representing intelligence in a human being.

    Three lines:- These three lines represent three nadis, the left line is IDA, the middle one is SUSUMNA and the right one is PINGALA,

    • IDA:- This is the major physical channel of mental energy and it’s located left side of the body
    • SUSUMNA:- the most important psychic passageway, It goes through the spinal cord and connects to our brain
    • PINGALA:- This is the channel of vital force and is located on the right side of the body

    How does root chakra open?

    This cobra snake is the main key, this snake holds all the power of the root chakra, when this snake wakes up your energy starts going upward, The root chakra is in the tail of this snake

    when you hold a snake by its tail, that snake immediately alarmed and raised its hood, in the same way when you do root chakra meditation- you are holding the snake and it starts raising its energy through susumna channel.

    What is root chakra?

    The root chakra is a small vestigial gland, the exact location of the root chakra in your body:- for men, this gland is located between your scrotum and the anus, for women– this part is located at the starting point of the uterus or at the side of the cervix.

    What does root chakra represent?

    Earth element:- Root chakra’s fundamental aspect is the earth element this thing represents stability and grounding, As the earth provides a foundation for life in the same way root chakra provides an energetic foundation in our life.

    strength and solidity:- Root chakra also represents strength and solidity that’s why this elephant is shone in this root chakra symbol.

    seven minerals:- Seven minerals are also important in our body without them your body does not work.

    power or energy:- It also represents the power of your mind as well as the energy of your body

    supernatural power:- It also indicates supernatural power that human beings can achieve

    intelligence:- It also represents intelligence, because after you open your root chakra your mind became vaster, through root chakra’s power you can activate your remaining 40 percent of your brain.

    what is the root chakra associated or connected with?

    • Physically:- it is connected with your, brain, sexual organs, spine
    • Psychologically:- it is connected with your emotion, stress, anxiety, happiness, fortune

    what is the purpose of the root chakra?

    Thousand of people in this world are born with an awakened root chakra, there are so many superior people around the world in every aspect of life, they are musicians, actors, artists, investors, businesses, etc.

    when your root chakra wakes up your mind automatically changed, so that your value, relationship, and your capability to handle your emotions also increase, you start seeing your life in a different way, (if you are a became yogi then you can achieve some supernatural powers also), there for you are able to live much higher life than today.