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physical & psychological sing & symptoms of root chakra activation/opening

    physical & psychological sing & symptoms of root chakra opening

    Generally, signs and symptoms of the root chakra opening are complicated to understand, Only those Who opened their own root chakra and who experienced the root chakra opening can tell you what the signs and symptoms of root chakra opening are.

    There are two different kinds of sing and symptoms that your root chakra is start opening one is physical and another one is psychological.

    psychological sing is tough to understand but Physical signs and symptoms are apparent this effect starts to appear in everyone whose root chakra starts opening.

    One surprising thing is that root chakra locations in the male and in the female body are both different, so we will discuss both.

    physical & psychological sing & symptoms of root chakra opening

    psychological sing & symptoms of root chakra opening
    • Illumination:- when you seat and in a certain yoga pose for waking up your root chakra and you completely drown in this yoga pose or meditation then people feel that thousand of light burning in your body (this is called the aura, when you are completely weak up your kundalini, people can see this aura within you).
    • Dispassion:- Sometimes you feel nothing is important and interested in life, you may want to seat in one place for a long time, you don’t want to talk or don’t want to meet anyone. (this is important to happen with you because root chakra detaches you from Greed, lust, anger, and infatuation)
    • Insomnia:- You may suffer from insomnia, because of fear, and fear about anything, it may be about your life, maybe about money, but you will suffer from insomnia. (this is also important to happen with you because, in the yogi culture, they believe that one-third of your life is wasted by sleeping) This is how the root chakra teaches you what to do in life.
    • light in (bhrumadhya):- bhrumadhya means light in the eyebrow center, this happened after a few months of root chakra meditation practice, you can feel or see this light in between your two eyebrows.
    • Burning sensation:- After a few months usually 6 to 8 months of yoga and meditation practice suddenly you can feel that you are getting an electric shock from the bottom of your spine and your whole body starts shaking after a few minutes you can feel a burning sensation in the base of your spine. (this happened because, for the first time, the energy passed through the channel)
    • Music or sound:- When you start meditation for the root chakra and When you are completely submerged in the meditation, you can hear some Enchanting sounds, like flutes, The sweet call of the bird, or sometimes you can listen to peacocks singing.
    • Sexual thinking:- You may know that your root chakra is connected to your sexual organs, so it is expected that your sexual thought is also increased for a few weeks, (it will gradually come down you do not need to worry about this)
    • Hunger:- There will be a few days when you can’t think about anything without food, You just want to eat anything that is eatable or you may suffer from appetite loss for 10 to 15 days, even if someone for you to eat something, you just can’t able to eat.
    physical sing & symptoms of root chakra opening
    • Headache:- Some people can feel headache, mostly those who is not married yet or don’t have any sexual experiences they feel headache in their mind.
    • Friction:- You are in the middle of the root chakra meditation suddenly you feel friction in the bottom of the spine it is 100 times more than the feeling we get from having sex, it is so relaxing and satisfying that someone can’t explain it in words. This friction happens because of the energy passing through the nadis or veins.
    • Bad odor- As your root chakra is connected with the Anus and urethra, when it stat waking you can smell bad order and this smell is hard to bear, if someone is around you they can’t handle this bad odor.
    • momentary sensation:- When you are doing meditation for root chakra for a couple of months and gradually you increasing your meditation time or When you can sink into the meditation, then you can feel that you are seating in the middle of a monsoon and you are enjoying the rain.

    A special sign & symptom of the root chakra is opening for women’s

    • Labor pain:- A woman may or may not feel the labor pain, because a women’s root chakra is located at the starting point of the uterus or at the side of the cervix, so a women’s root chakra is connected with the uterus, According to the ayurveda this is similar to giving birth of a child because they are giving birth of their new spiritual consciousness.
    • orgasm:- A woman can feel enjoyment, peace, and relaxation at the same time because when the root chakra is started waking up and its energy pass-through the sexual organs the feeling of this, is very satisfying, some women told us that it’s like 10X more satisfying than doing sex with someone.

    What happened when your root chakra opens up?

    One of the most significant changes that occur when the root chakra opens is a heightened sense of physical awareness. We become more attuned to our body’s sensations and needs, which can help us make better choices about our health and well-being. We may also feel more energized and alive, as the root chakra is associated with our life force energy or “prana.”

    increase in confidence and self-esteem. When we feel secure and grounded, we are more likely to take risks, pursue our goals, and assert ourselves in our relationships and in the world. We become more resilient and able to bounce back from setbacks, as we know we have a solid foundation upon which to build.


    If your root chakra is blocked or your root chakra needs healing then you will not able to wake up your root chakra no matter how much you try, there are some special yoga and meditation that can help you to heal and unblock them. So before you start to wake up your root chakra you have to balance your root chakra.