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(quick) stones to open root chakra: the way to open root chakra through stone


    Which stone is associated with root chakra?

    Ruby is associated with the Root chakra because this stone is red and the red color is also associated with the root chakra. The root chakras planet is Mars and the stone for Mars is ruby so they are closely related.

    What is the benefit of wearing the Ruby for root chakra?

    • Energy:- Ruby gives you two kinds of energy, one is it provides you with physical energy and another one is vitality. If you don’t know then low energy means your root chakra needs healing. So ruby has the ability to heal your root chakra.
    • enhance courage, confidence, and strength:- Ruby has the power to give enhance courage, confidence, and strength and these things are closely related to your root chakra. If you don’t feel safe in your life or If the fear of failure is driving you away then your root chakra is completely blocked. Then using this stone will solve the root chakra blockage problem.
    • attract wealth, success, and good fortune:- These things are closely related to the root chakra If your root chakra is blocked then whatever you do you will not see success in life, If you don’t succeed in life you don’t get money and good fortune. A ruby stone has the ability to unblock your root chakra.
    • connection with the earth:- If you wear ruby for root chakra then you will be connected with the element earth because ruby’s red color is associated with earth and root chakra is also associated with the element earth So using ruby for root chakra
    • Emotional balance:- Emotional imbalance is another big sign of root chakra blockage and it needs healing. Ruby has its own power or energy and this energy helps to overcome emotional imbalances in your life. Ruby can give you a calm feeling and it can help to instill a sense of confidence and well-being.
    • spiritual growth:- Ruby’s energy is very vibrational and this vibration helps to reach a higher level of religious consciousness that’s why this energy aligns the root chakra with the higher chakras.

    How can a ruby stone open the root chakra?

    A ruby stone has its own energy or power, when you wear this stone as a piece of jewelry then its energy starts to stimulate the root chakra in your body and then your root chakra is starting to open, (if your root chakra is blocked or its need healing then this stone is capable of repair both things) then a huge amount of physical as well as psychological energy starts to flow in your body. Then you can see the real power of this stone as well as the power of your root chakra.

    Which day you should wear this stone?

    Saturday is the day of rot chakra as well as it is the day of Mars, This is the day you should wear this stone. Wake up early in the morning then take a bath, wear a clean or new dress then pray to god first then you can wear this stone in front of god. If you wear this as a ring then wear it on your index finger.

    where you should wear ruby stone on root chakra?

    For Women:- Most effective way is wearing a waist chain, this is a very effective way because this waist chain allows you to wear ruby stone on the root chakra.

    another way is to wear a ruby stone as a ring or bracelet this will also work (basically the rule is the stone should rest against your body)

    For men:- you can use this stone as a ring on your index finger, or as a bracelet on your right hand.

    Which metal you should choose to wear with this stone?

    According to astrology, you should use gold with ruby for the best result, but (if you can’t afford it then you can choose copper). Astrology says the red color and gold combination invites good luck and prosperity in your life, gold makes you stronger psychologically that’s why the combination of gold and ruby is preferred.

    At which age and How many carat rubies will you use?

    15 – 20 yr1 carat
    21-25 yr1.25 carat
    26-30 yrBetween 1.60 – 2.00 carats
    31-35 yrBetween 1.60 – 2.00 carats
    36-40 yrBetween 2.00 – 2.50 carats
    41-45 yrBetween 2.50 -2.70 carats
    45-50 yrBetween 2.50 – 4.50 carats
    51-55 yrBetween 2.50 – 5.50 carats
    56 & aboveBetween 2.50 – 6.30 carats

    Where to buy this ruby stone?

    You can buy this stone in an online shop like jamesallen, They provide you best quality natural ruby stone (do not buy any lab-created ruby stone, it does not work) Jamesallen provides you with a lifetime warranty.