What is the root chakra candle?

Root chakra candles are not regular candles, these root chakra candles have some organic essential oils.

what is the benefit of a root chakra candle?

Clean the atmosphere, It helps root chakra to vibrate, It can unblock the root chakra, 

What candle scent is good root chakra?

Sandalwood essential oil, Red rose essential oil, patchouli essential oil,

What color is the root chakra candle?

The root chakra candles are red in color because the root chakra color is red 

What incense is good for root chakra?

Sandalwood incense, Jasmine incense, Kasturi incense (musk).

Which is the best root chakra candle?

Your own handmade candle is the best root chakra candle

what are the Materials you need  make a root chakra candle?

Materials: :-Natural Soya wax, Wicks for candle, red candle dye, Essential oils, Candle mold,  A pan, a – spoon

How to make a root chakra candle?

melt the wax in a pan - add your essential oil - candle wick first - pour the warm wax  in to candle mold - let it cool down

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