why do you need a proper diet ?

When the root chakra starts waking, Three things can happen either there is no hunger or you start to eat a lot or after eating any kind of food you start to lose bowel

why these digestive problems occurred?   

you are doing certain types of yoga or mudra to open your root chakra, that's why your inner body temperature goes down. That's why

What food is good for root chakra? 

The best food for the root chakra is Khichidi, this is the only food you should take at lunch

Can you add condiments to your khichidi? 

yes, there are some special condiments that you should eat, turmeric, aniseed, cloves, mustard seed, cardamom, cinnamon, black paper, or green paper.

What should be your diet plan for root chakra? 

Do not eat more than 3 times a day, If you are taking a heavy meal (like khichidi) then your food should be warm and it should be in liquid form

Before you start your breakfast do this

every morning One hour before breakfast, you should drink as much water as you can,

What kind of food you should avoid for root chakra?

you should not eat any kind of non-vegetarian food items, any kind of red meat, chicken, egg, cheese, butter, or oil.

Can you drink coffee for root chakra?

No, because Coffee contains caffeine,

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