What are the two mudras?

If you want to open your root chakra through mudra then there are two mudras that you should do, Shambhavi mudra and another one is Trataka mudra.

 Shambhavi mudra

She is doing shambhavi mudra, she is looking in between her eye brows

Trataka mudra

She is doing Trataka mudra, she is looking at the flame of this candle

for how many days you should do this mudra

5 to 6 months

Can this mudra able to balance your root chakra

Yes, not only this mudra balance your root chakra but it also help to unblock it

When should you do these two mudra

early in the morning you should do Shambhavi mudra and at night you should do tratak mudra

Is there any risk involved in this practices?

No, this is the safest way to open your root chakra

Where should you do this meditation? 

Chose a very keep and quiet room to do this meditation. make sure no one is around you and no one disturbing you

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