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What are the physical symptoms of a blocked root chakra?

    Why does root chakra gets blocked physically?

    physical blockages occurred because of the psychological blockages in the root chakra, you suffer from, insecurity, depression, feelings of separation & insomnia, and at the same time you can’t express your feeling to someone, and these feelings are coming out as somatic problems like Digestive Problems, pain in the lower part of the body, week immune system, Hydrocil, Harneia, kidney problems, pain in the spinal cord

    How it gets blocked physically?

    There are two major channels in our body, IDA– which is a major physical channel of mental energy, and Pingala- which is a major physical channel of vital force, when these two channels are blocked by our poor eating habits and inharmonious lifestyles, our root chakra energy was not able to move forward, it gets stuck in one place, this is how root chakra gets blocked.

    Physical sing and symptoms of a blocked root chakra

    • Digestive Problems:- this problem occurred because of your bad eating habits, especially when you eat lots of non-vegetarian foods, street foods, and junk foods. if you did not try to cure this problem then it will appear as constipation, then after a few months, it will appear as hemorrhoids.

    Digestive problems are the first signs that your root chakra is starting to become blocked, if you have problems like constipation or hemorrhoids then your root chakra is completely blocked. This is why we recommended you, follow a proper root chakra diet.

    • week immune system:- If you feel sick frequently or If you have a cough and cold four to five times a year then your immune system is weak and weak immune system meaning a low energy root chakra. A low-energy root chakra was never able to spread the positive energy in your body.
    • Stress and anxiety:- If you suffer from stress and anxiety in your daily life, then this is another big sign that your root chakra is blocked. Stress and anxiety come into your life because the root chakra is not able to spread the positive energy in your life.
    • hydrocele:- hydrocele is another potent sign for men, that they have a blocked root chakra. The exact location of your root chakra is between your scrotum and the anus this blank place is called the perineum, this is where your roto chakra is located, so your testicles are directly connected with the root chakra.
    • Harneia:- Harneia is another sign that you have a blocked root chakra,
    • kidney problems:- Kidney is another part of our body, which is connected with the root chakra when you have any kidney problem then your root chakra is completely blocked.
    • pain in the tailbone– this is where the root chakra is located, so any kind of pain or swelling means that your root chakra is blocked.
    • Joint pain:- If you have joint pain in your body, especially in your knees or lower part of your body then you have a clear sign that your root chakra is blocked.

    How to unblock a physically blocked root chakra?

    HATHA YOGA & NADI SHODHANA PRANAYAMA (alternate nostril breathing) & root chakra diet is the main key to unblocking your root chakra’s physical blockages, only hatha yoga & alternate nostril breathing can open the root chakra’s energy into your body when the root chakra’s energy starts flowing freely in your body there is less chance that disease can occur and your body became more supple.

    How to solve digestive problems for physically blocked root chakra

    breakfast:- Complete your breakfast before 8.30 am, after one hrs of your breakfast you should drink water because if you drink water immediately then it creates problems in digestion,

    In your breakfast, you should eat shocked nuts (around 30 grams) and 3 to 4 bananas (if you do not want to eat shocked nuts then you can eat any kind of seasonal fruits)And you can drink milk (around 250 ml)

    Lunch:- at lunch, you should eat khichdi, which is one of the best carbohydrate food that you can eat, add any kind of seasonal vegetables, you can add spices in it, please use ghee instead of oil. (If you don’t want to eat khichidi then you can eat Crushed wheat, barley, rice, wheat, maize, and potato, particularly when they are in a liquid form)

    Khichidi (do not eat any non-vegetarian food with this) you can eat khichidi as much as you want.Water

    Dinner:- You should complete your dinner around 5.30 to 6.30 pm, after that you can’t take any meal, you can drink water, if you feel hungry at night then you can drink warm milk or fruit juice.

    Four homemade Roti (bread)Moong Dal (Indian dish)

    Which pose you should do in hatha yoga to unblock your root chakra?

    Hatha yoga is tough to do, hatha yoga is a combination of different yogas, so there are some hatha yoga practices that you should do.

    1. auspicious pose
    2. hero’s pose
    3. tortoise pose
    4. cockerel pose
    5. bow pose
    6. spinal twist pose & full spinal twist pose
    7. peacock pose
    8. lotus pos

    Caution:- This is a step-by-step process, Do not try to do all the asanas on the same day, learn one by one. When you feel comfortable & confident doing one pose then jump to another one.

    These are more than enough for a beginner, do not try to do more than these poses, after 6 to 7 months of continued practice you can jump to advance hatha yoga practice.

    How to do NADI SHODHANA PRANAYAMA (alternate nostril breathing)?

    • Sit in a comfortable position, make sure your body relaxes and your spine should be straight, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths, but slowly
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Place your left hand on your left knee, then make gyan mudra.
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Place your right hand on your right knee, then make Nasagrah mudra.
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • with your right-hand thumb and close your right nostril
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Then breathe in through your left nostril and count from 1 to 6 (for beginners)
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Then block your two nostrils with your thumb and ring finger (hold the air and count from 1 to 10)
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • then release the air with your right nostril and (count from 1 to 6), then again take a breath from your right nostril – count 1-6 then hold it and count 1 to 10 then release it with left nostril again count 1-6 (this is one circle)

    Do not one your mouth when you are counting, count mentally,

    Do this meditation for 20 rounds daily.