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What foods should be avoided for root chakra?

    What foods should be avoided for root chakra

    what food should you avoid for root chakra?

    For root chakra, you should avoid, extra bitter, extra sour, pungent, extra salty, oily foods, sesame and mustard, fish, flesh foods, curds, buttermilk, horse gram, the fruit of jujube, Dry food, asafoetida, garlic & Alcohol. These are the foods that you should avoid eating for your root chakra.

    • extra bitter, extra sour, pungent, extra salty, oily foods:- these foods take too much time to digest, and your liver works hard to digest these kinds of foods, Excess salt, sour, bitter, and oil imbalance the system especially excessive salt affects your heart rate.
    • sesame and mustard seeds:- These seeds have the ability to stimulate your sexual fantasy.
    • Dry food:- Dry foods do not have any natural oil left in them, (you can eat any dry nuts but you have to sock them in water overnight)
    • fish and flesh foods:- These kinds of non-vegetarian foods demand too much inner heat to digest.
    • curds, buttermilk:- These are cold in nature, and they can decrease your inner body temperature.
    • horse gram, the fruit of jujube:- These are high-protein foods, especially horse gram which put too much strain on your stomach to digest.
    • asafoetida & garlic:- These are the foods that increase sexual power, especially when you eat this at night. (though you can eat this in a small amount it works like a medicine it will give a boost to your immune system)
    • Alcohol & smoking:- Smoking and alcohol damage your brain cells, in the yogi culture this is extremely prohibited.

    why should you avoid these kinds of food for your root chakra?

    waking root chakra is a slow process and it demands a huge amount of discipline in every part of your life, to activate your root chakra you are doing certain types of yoga and meditation like hatha yoga, Moola banda (the permeal lock), and ago Chari mudra (the gesture of invisibility), then The heart rate and blood pressure are activated and your all body is energized.


    the inner temperature of your body goes down dramatically but the outer temperature of your body remains the same, At this time if you eat any kind of food that demands too much inner heat to digest then your body can’t be able to handle it.

    Why should you avoid eating Non-Vegetarian Food?

    Non-vegetarian foods like eggs, chicken, or any kind of red meat need too much inner heat to digest at the same time, it demands time to digest, and most importantly it over-heats the whole digestive system, another reason is that this kind of food starts stimulate the production of sex hormones. If you don’t know then there is a connection between the root chakra and sexuality.

    What could happen if you eat non-vegetarian food on regular bases?

    When you are doing yoga and meditation for root chakra your internal body goes through some changes, for these changes, your metabolism rates also go down, at this time if you start eating any kids of non-vegetarian foods your digestive process did not able to work normally.

    If your digestive process was not able to work properly, Then you will have constipation, after a few months constipation became piles, and most importantly constipation and piles mean your root chakra became blocked, and this is the physical symptom of a blocked root chakra.

    why should you stop drinking Alcohol?

    Alcohol can damage your brain cells and most importantly you can’t regenerate these cells, If you take alcohol regularly then your root chakras energy channels become blocked. Alcohol also damages our liver so it directly impacts our digestion.

    What do you use instead of oil?

    Use Ghee, this is purified butter, remember one thing, the older the Ghee, the better it was, so try to use ghee instead of oil, you can use this as you use oil, (try to use it in a small amount because it is so rich in protein)

    What should you eat for root chakra?

    A yogis diet should be plain, simple, and easy to digest, that’s why it is recommended that you should eat as much boiled food as possible, boiled food. Crushed wheat, barley, lentils, and dal are excellent foods, particularly when they are in a liquid form.

    you should eat carbohydrates foods because it helps you to maintain the inner body temperature and it does not need too much inner heat to digest.