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What is the fastest way to activate root chakra?

    What is the fastest way to activate root chakra?

    What is the fastest way to activate root chakra?

    There is only one way you can activate your root chakra very quickly, Anuloma viloma meditation (alternate nostril breathing) in a couple of months you will be able to activate your root chakra.

    The question is, can your body & mind is prepared to handle the root chakra’s energy?

    Before you start activating your root chakra you should prepare your body and mind to take this energy, you should purify your body’s nerve system, You should strengthen your body & mind, that’s why you should do hatha yoga practice and take proper root chakra diet.

    you should do a minimum of 6 months of hatha yoga, through hatha yoga your body will get strength and your mind will become relaxed. then you should start activating your root chakra.

    If your root chakra is blocked can you activate your root chakra through this meditation?

    No, if your root chakra is blocked then you have to clear those blockages first and then you should do this meditation if there are any blockages then the root chakra’s energy will get stuck, it can’t be able to flow.

    Whare to do alternate nostril breathing?

    Chose a dry and clean place to do this Paranaym, if there is any dirt then clean that place first, If this place is in your house then it should be quiet and the temperature of this room should be normal, If the weather is cold then you can use room heater and try to cover your self with a blanket If this is summer time them you can use a fan or an Air conditioner.

    When to do this meditation?

    You have two options either you do it early in the morning or you should do it at night but morning time is preferred by the yoga gurus 4.30 to 5.30 Am just because at this time the quality of air is much higher there is almost no pollution and nature is also quite so there is no disturbance and your stomach is empty but at the same time you do not feel any hunger.


    If you don’t have time early in the morning then chose night time around 8-9.30 PM but your stomach should be empty.

    Can you drink water before doing this pranayama?

    Yes, Drink water then take 20 min of brake then start Anuloma viloma pranayama, Remember- you can’t drink water in the middle of this Pranayam.


    you can’t go to the bathroom, so complete your excretory process before you start this pranayama.

    What should be your diet before you start this yoga?

    Assumed you are doing this Yoga early in the morning so

    In the Morning:- You should eat fruits, (any kind of seasonal fruits you can eat), soaked nuts, and two to three bananas. If you want then you can drink warm milk.

    At lunch:- One recipe that you can eat, it was khichdi. Do not add any oil to it, rather use Ghee and any kind of seasonal vegetables and pulses. Use simple spices you can add salt. (Do not use any kind of sauce or cream). Your lunchtime should be around 1 Pm.

    At Dinner:- At dinner, you should eat boiled foods like crushed rice, boiled wheat, or fruit, If you wish you can drink milk or fruit juice but eat as early as possible around 6.30-7 pm complete your dinner. Do not eat anything after that.

    RESTRICTIONS:- Do not eat any kind of nonvegetarian foods. Avoid street foods and If you drink alcohol or you smoke then please remove them from your life.

    How to do alternate nostril breathing meditation?

    • Sit in a comfortable position, make sure your body relaxes and your spine should be straight, close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths, but slowly
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Place your left hand on your left knee, then make gyan mudra.
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Place your right hand on your right knee, then make Nasagrah mudra.
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • with your right-hand thumb and close your right nostril
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Then breathe in through your left nostril and count from 1 to 6 (for beginners)
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • Then block your two nostrils with your thumb and ring finger (hold the air and count from 1 to 10)
    Root chakra blocked meditation
    • then release the air with your right nostril and (count from 1 to 6), then again take a breath from your right nostril – count 1-6 then hold it and count 1 to 10 then release it with left nostril again count 1-6 (this is one circle)

    Do not open your mouth when you are counting, count mentally,

    Do this meditation for 20 rounds daily.

    In how many days your root chakra will be open?

    If you do this meditation regularly and become a master of this meditation then it will take 7 to 8 months to open your root chakra. After 7-8 months you will start seeing improvement in yourself.