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where is the root chakra located in your body / Muladhara chakra located in the human body?

    it is a little tough to understand where root chakra or Muladhara chakra is located in your body. many people called this chakra as- base chakra, the first chakra, perineum chakra, 1st chakra, or ground chakra, but its real name was root chakra or Muladhara chakra. This root chakra location in the male and female body is totally different.

    Root chakra location in the male’s body

    Root chakra location in the male's body

    The root chakra is located between the scrotum and the anus, this blank place is called the perineum, It is slightly inside of your perineum. This muscle is contacted with your testes.

    Root chakra location in the female’s body

    Root chakra location in the female's body

    In a female body root chakra is located at the starting point of the uterus or at the side of the cervix, for women, it is a little tough to feel the root chakra by your touching it.

    You can feel it even if you can press it but it does not mean that by touching or pressing you can open your root chakra, there is some technique to open your root chakra. This is a small gland

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    How you can feel your root chakra by touching it?

    For men:- sit in a comfortable position, then take your middle finger (or any finger) then, press your perineum muscle, (in between your scrotum and the anus), press it, and move your finger up and down-words slightly, then you can feel your root chakra, (do not overdo this method)

    For women:- sit or lie in a comfortable position, then take your middle finger and insert it in your vagina, push it as far as it goes, then tighten the muscle of your vagina, touch the muscle of the upper walls of your vagina with your finger then push it upwards slightly, you can feel your root chakra.

    What’s inside the root chakra and what it looks like?

    This is a small vestigial gland, in this gland, there is a knot, this knot is called (Brahma granthi in the Sanskrit language) the knot of Brahma ( Brahma- A Hindu god). This is a kind of natural blockage in your root chakra, you have to open this knot through meditation, yoga, and kriyas.

    Is the root chakra masculine or feminine?

    For males this chakra is masculine and for females this chakra is feminine, this chakra does not have any particular character, because in the male and female body root chakra is located in different locations in the body.

    What emotion is the root chakra?

    At the time when it starts opening, you feel desperation, anxiety, and psychological problems but when it’s fully waked you will feel free from all the tides in life, and always feel happy and energized After it’s fully waked the person changed forever.

    What organs are affected by the root chakra?

    For males, the root chakra is related to urinary and sexual organs. For women, this chakra is related to reproductive and excretory organs in the body.

    Which god is associated with root chakra?

    According to Hinduism and Ayurveda, this chakra is associated with god devi Dakini, she is a woman who has four arms and her eyes are so beautiful and red. Her radiance is akin to the brilliance of multiple suns ascending concurrently. in Hinduism, It is believed that she gives conscience, intelligence, and cognition to the people who worship her.

    What animal is associated with the root chakra?

    The elephant with seven trunks is associated with the root chakra, this elephant possies great power and solidarity, and the seven trunks of this elephant showcase great mind and creativity

    Which chakra is related to money?

    The root chakra is related to money because when your root chakra is blocked financial problems arise in your life.

    What essential oil is good for root chakra?

    sandalwood oil, When the root chakra is starting waking up in your body it produces a bad odor, sometimes it’s very hard to bear because the root chakra is connected to urinary, sexual, reproductive, and excretory organs.

    What flower represents the root chakra?

    The Lotus flower represents the root chakra. this lotus has four petals and the color of these petals is deep red.