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why is my root chakra vibrating?

    Why is my root chakra vibrating?

    This is one of the clear signs that your root chakra is starting to wake up. In the yogi culture, this vibration only happened when your root chakra wakes but this might be a health issue also.

    How do you know this vibration happening because the root chakra starts waking or it’s a health issue?

    For root chakra:-

    If this vibration is happening when you are in the middle of a root chakra meditation then it is confirmed that your root chakra is activating.


    some people do feel a vibration and kind of electric shock in the bottom of the spine and maybe their whole body starts shaking then it is confirmed that your root chakra is start waking up.

    If it is happening:- because your root chakra starts waking up then when vibration is happening in your lower spine or around the root chakra location then there should not be any pain rather people do feel a unique vibration that they never felt before. Even if you touch that place there should not be any pain or swelling. This vibration can happen for more than two weeks – one month.

    If this is a health issue:-

    Then, there should be a pain, and around the root chakra location, there should be swaling. If this happens then it is recommended that You should talk to your doctor.

    Why is this vibration happening in your root chakra?

    This vibration happens because, when root chakras energy passes through the spinal cord to the next chakra, in this process this energy creates friction with your spinal cord and this friction creates a vibration.

    Is there any way to stop it?

    No, there is no way you can stop this vibration, this is a natural phenomenon. Rather than worrying about it enjoy this moment, because very few people are able to wake up their root chakra, this is a special moment, enjoy this vibration. This vibration will end in two to three weeks.

    should you try to stop it?

    No, this is a natural process, people who wake up their root chakra, have to go through this process. You do not need to try to stop this natural process or vibration.

    What does root chakra vibration feel like?

    For some people, this vibration is mailed, it just vibrates around your root chakra location (then it’s an initial stage your root chakra just starts opening). Some other people feel a strong vibration around the root chakra location or at the bottom of the spinal cord, this vibration is so powerful that your whole body can start shaking and they can feel the temperature of the place where the vibration is happening has increased quite a bit.

    Why root chakra vibrates during meditation?

    Again, this is a clear sign that your root chakra is starting to open, and whatever meditation you are doing for your root chakra this meditation is working for you, keep doing it for a couple of months.